Every evening from 8pm...

Mondays - The Noise Merchant

Pete Tromans (Presenter)



I'm guessing that's how it started. No hammers or saws here but plenty of bangers and mash!! No, not mash errr!

A weekly hour or more of the very best of DIY punk/ HC/ SKA from here and over there. Brought to you by a bloke who isn't completely happy with the way he sounds and unsure whether he should be let loose on the listening public. One things for sure though, it might be ok.



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Tuesdays - The Amp

Ace Ambrose (Presenter)


A musician, storyteller and gig addict, Ace will be riding those radio airwaves and crash landing right here bringing you old school classics, untold stories and music news as well as playing the latest releases and amplifying bands fresh on the scene!



Wednesdays - The Alternative Hour

Ross Macpherson (Presenter)


Ross will be bringing you the best new music (plus some classics of course…) within the realms of alternative rock! As a keen gig/festival goer, his aim is to make you party as hard as Andrew W.K whilst you listen.

Is that possible? We wouldn’t put it past him...


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Thursdays - Louder

Ore Biho (Founder/Presenter)


Thinks he looks spanish, sounds American, while he actually dresses like a teenager and complains like your grandma. He likes asking bands weird questions, moshpits, and biscuits - sometimes all at once.


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Fridays - The Short Chris Rock Show

Chris Stevens (Presenter)


The heavy metal Hobbit is here!!! Administering your weekly dose of headbangers, Chris Stevens AKA Short Chris brings you the most exciting new releases from underground rock and metal!!!

With regular interviews that bring you some of the craziest moments!!!


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Saturdays - The Rock and Metal Show

Rich New (Presenter)


Rich will be playing the very best in Rock and Metal just for you! Playing music and touring with various bands, Rich will bring you stories from the music scene. He will introduce you to new bands and play some absolute head bangers. Each show will bring something new so tune in each Saturday at 8pm!


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Sundays - The Metalmorphosis Show

Andy Smith (Presenter)


Our resident cowboy - Andy makes an appearance each Sunday night, in an attempt to ease the pain brought by a looming Monday. Fighting off this dreaded opening week-day, Andy lays down the perfect soundtrack for a kicking and screaming display of reluctance. He can be prone to waffle on about some bloody nonsense, but does so in comical fashion that rubs off with a charm, so as to elude questions of his sanity.


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