evenings from 8pm...

(and again the following day at 2pm)

Mondays -

DJ Gothicat (Presenter)

They say cats have 9 lives but Gothicat is really 9 cats in a trench coat. Resurrected from the sticky floor of 2002 Gothicat returns to bring you a new breed of crazy.

Lover of fantasy metal, pirates, & rum Gothicat has eclectic tastes that run from classic rock to the downright surreal world of goblin energy. Currently there is no name for their show but it will have you feline fantastic by the end of it.

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Tuesdays - The Amp

Ace Ambrose (Presenter)

A musician, storyteller and gig addict, Ace will be riding those radio airwaves and crash landing right here bringing you old school classics, untold stories and music news as well as playing the latest releases and amplifying bands fresh on the scene!


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Wednesdays -

Forever Forte

Naomi Sanders (Presenter)

When not binging albums or crying about bands, as all music lovers do, Naomi also dabbles in writing about music.

Starting in music school, she hasn't stopped listening since. If she's got a tune in her ear or a song stuck in her head, she'll introduce you to it soon enough.

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Thursdays - Louder

Ore Biho (Founder/Presenter)

Thinks he looks spanish, sounds American, while he actually dresses like a teenager and complains like your grandma. He likes asking bands weird questions, moshpits, and biscuits - sometimes all at once.

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Fridays - The Short Chris Rock Show

Chris Stevens (Presenter)

The heavy metal Hobbit is here!!! Administering your weekly dose of headbangers, Chris Stevens AKA Short Chris brings you the most exciting new releases from underground rock and metal!!!

With regular interviews that bring you some of the craziest moments!!!

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Saturdays - Suburban Home

Charlie Stargatt (Presenter)

A sickeningly thick West Country accented Bristol punk, playing tunes from around the world. The Suburban Home D.I.Y punk show named after the promotions team which have had the pleasure of putting on bands from every corner of the globe in Bristol since 2016.

Short n sweet tracks to get you pumped on a Saturday evening.

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Sundays - The Four Count

Chris Stroud (Presenter)

Chris is a huge music geek, so much so he got himself into vast debt following music education. Join him as he plays some of the best in new, underground bands as well as some established heavy hitters every week!

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evenings from 6pm...

(and again the following day at 12pm)

Thursdays - Feel The Rock

Roara & James (Presenter)

A mother, a dancer and a life long lover of rock - old and new; a true believer in the deep and meaningful power of music. Joining her every week is Producer James - former guitarist of Conquest of Steel  and all round music man - who manages to successfully mix the show and fix things when Roara presses any buttons! Both guide the musical journey of rock so you can let the music leak luxuriously into your ears, right to your soul as you let yourself really Feel the ROCK!

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Fridays - Kult DIY Radio

James Simmonds (Presenter)

Incorporating the spirit of DIY music. Tying in with James’ gigs promotions in Somerset, the aim is to provide a platform for more niche and unknown bands to get some radio play as well as promoting live events going on around the country. Expect the best from the underground DIY scene as well as other selections from James’ own tastes. Join the Kult

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Saturdays -Rock Out Stand Out

Lotty / Jacob and Alex (Presenters)

Rock Out with Rock Out Stand Out every other Saturday. ROSO's editor in chief Lotty Whittingham covers a different topic with related songs from best new sounds and much loved classics in Hard Rock and the melodic side of metal /

Alex and Jacob bring you the best of extreme metal in a show so awesome it will give the thunder god a run for his money.

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Sundays -

Jack Hawes (Presenter)

An acoustic folk singer with an undying love for sad bangers. Jack will take you through the songs he is currently loving/crying too and will also try to convince you that the 2010s was the greatest decade in music. Will he succeed? Probably not but he’ll give it a go.

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